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Analysis of the internal factors of green packaging

Due to the continuous improvement of people's awareness of the environment, "green", "green" more and more attention. Therefore, there has been a fashionable topic in the community: green packaging. Therefore, the designer has a higher level of design, that is, to make packaging for product protection, and reduce environmental pollution. Designers hold during the design process the internal elements of the design (packaging materials) and external factors (structure, such as shapes, images, colors and text), conscious giving and increase people's awareness of environmental protection, promote green packaging process as a whole.

The intrinsic elements of green packaging

At the initiative of the Green environmental protection idea, designers on the internal factors of green packaging-packaging materials have a high demand. They follow the "5R+1D" principle, targeted choice of materials:

1. Lightweight packaging (Reduce)

Meet the functional condition, try to reduce the amount of packaging materials used. It is understood that the current experts on the strength of corrugated board tests show that if the quantitative increase in 1g/m2 of corrugated paper and cardboard quantification can be reduced by 1 g/m2. Therefore, in the production of corrugated board packaging can be realized using this method of lightweight. Such as: Budweiser Finland M-Real company 185g/m2 coated paperboard corrugated paper, it is a light weight, high strength (compressive strength, burst strength) cardboard and has better printing [Twitter Wikipedia] putting. Use this cardboard and carton printing, carton weight 30%, 20% reduction in packaging costs, and the strength of the box by 10% printing effect is greatly increased. Therefore, favoured by the lightweight packaging materials into businesses.