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Buy plastic food bag Essentials

1. Plastic bags packaging to have Chinese food labeling, label name and address, product name, and clearly marked "for food use". Products manufactured are accompanied by inspection certificates.

2. Plastic food packaging factory is the same smell, odor-free, have a special smell of plastic packaging bags, cannot be used for food packaging.

3. Colored plastic bags cannot be used for food packaging.

4. Try to use without any coating, the coating material. Modern packaging design, to make the package more attractive, corrosion resistance, use with coating material. This product not only scrap material recycling, recycling creates difficulties, and most of the paint itself is toxic, the packaging is if people eat food, would do to produce a great deal of harm. Coating, plating process has brought about tremendous pollution to the environment. Such as coating volatile solvent with a toxic gas, of heavy metals such as chromium in plating waste liquid and waste pollution.

5. When purchasing food, the best selection of green packaging materials, select the original paper packaging or biodegradable plastics.