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Plastic green packaging machinery industry development trend

Jan 13, 2017

1. research and development of recyclable green packing materials

Packaging waste regulations vary, but there is a common principle: to encourage using less raw material. On the packaging design should try to use the same materials, separable compatible material and tend to use simple, easily recycled material. On the premise of meeting the basic function, try to reduce the amount of waste produced, to show the lightweight trend of packaging films.

2. plastic stabilization technology in plastic stability of new technology development is the key to antioxidants, UV stabilizers and free radical scavenger of preparation and application of research and development. Daily-use chemicals to fill plastic containers, pallets or containers used for food, use plastic stabilization technology, producing high quality plastic products in order to enhance the value of its reuse or recycling

3. study on plastic degradation of biodegradable plastic is generally divided into biodegradable plastic, photodegradable plastics and bio/Photo-degradable plastic and so on. Domestic development of varieties has covers light degradation, and light biological degradation, and light oxygen biological degradation, and high starch content type biological degradation, and high calcium carbonate fill type light oxygen degradation, and full biological degradation, big class; can degradation plastic products in packaging aspects of application, has throughout Yu general packaging film, and contraction film, and shopping bags, and garbage bags and so on, for improved environment quality play has active of role. Starting from the protection of ecological balance, study of fully biodegradable plastics is imminent, especially edible powder or mineral filled with high quality and low cost of biodegradable plastic is degradable plastics is currently an important research topic.

4. develop burning heat recovery or steel-making furnace recycling research and development of waste plastics incineration recycling of recycling plastic waste heat is one of the main means of treatment plastic waste the most realistic option. Future research and development of plastics waste heat-related equipment, designed to use a more simple, longer life, lower-priced devices, to accelerate the burning heat recovery and utilization of steel-making furnaces recycle plastic waste research and development.