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Plastic packaging in the design process need to be aware of things

1, and RGB mode: is industry of a color standard, is through on red (r), and green (G), and blue (b) three a color channel of changes and they mutual Zhijian of overlay to get variety of color of, RGB that is representative red, and green, and blue three a channel of color, this standard almost including has human vision by can perception of all color, is currently using most wide of color system one of. But its Achilles heel is RGB only cannot be used in the actual output, that is RGB color can only be seen on the display and does not have any equipment to output force output computer automatically into CMYK mode RGB, the color will turn bad. If you work in RGB mode, and customer satisfaction with the screen colors, the misunderstanding occurred because in case of not adding spot color, customers see the screen color does not appear in any case on what he wants.

2, CMYK mode: c. Blue (Cyan) m. Magenta (Magenta), y. yellow (Yellow) k. Black (blacK) CMYK model for print media, which is based on absorption/reflection characteristics of ink, the eyes see color is actually absorbed by Bai Guangzhong specific frequencies of light but reflect the light of the remaining colors. Each of the four CMYK inks can use the values from the 0zhi100%. The lightest colors are assigned small percentages of process ink colors, and higher percentages of the darker colors are assigned. Whatever the design, as long as the output, whether it is a printer, inkjet printer or a printer, can only output in CMYK mode. So in order to be as close as possible to the output effect at design time must be in CMYK mode.

Note: every computer screen displays the color the same color will be slightly different, this is because different brands or different type of display (such as LCD and flat screen) monitors may have different settings, printer ink-boxed with the final bottled ink for printing is significantly different confirmation printed color version can not be used for comparison with final printing results accuracy.

(B), spot color

According to the above example, if registration had to be placed above the big red small white text, in order to print out the best results in the future, you can consider making big red spot color. That if original for colored (c, and m, and y, and BK, and w) print, is now into six color