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Ziplock bags production technology

Zipper zipper bag production is divided into two kinds, one is directly blown film molding, sealing or more generally 1.8CM, near the mouth of the self-styled thick Ziplock bag on both sides eagerly sealed bag into finished products; another method of double chain attached, the latter method is mainly used for bag production.

Self-adhesive zipper bag production using a film itself, two side heat sealing, bag length of Pro and con, to one side than the other side long 3-5cm back part, affixed with adhesive on back part, destructive glue, such as colloids, tearing the plastic matting on the gel back when bag sealers.

Zipper zipper bag of the common specifications and dimensions, thickness for single 0.04mm, also known as 4, 4s, also have 0.03mm, 0.06mm, and so on, can produce according to the different needs of different thickness.