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About Packaging

Jan 13, 2017

Good packaging like? Good packaging is a reasonable package, not just beautiful packaging. Good packaging to meet following points requirements: first, good packaging to has reasonable of structure, packaging structure is provides products protection performance and appearance shape of fundamental; second, good packaging using of packaging material to reasonable, both for was packaging real provides necessary of protection performance, and easily processing and meet environmental requirements; again, good of packaging to has a has attraction of appearance design and pattern. In addition, there are three important points: the first is the acceptability of packaging costs; the other is with a certain degree of security; the third, with the company's brand and other products of relevance, and coordination of marketing activities.

Good packaging cannot be a product of whim, the Muse of the designer and the design process does not matter. Good packaging must be closely related with the company's product positioning and target markets, and closely related to advertising and marketing support. Good packaging is not the designer's personal behavior, but rather a group of people's wisdom. Achieving a good packaging design, you need to set up a packaging design group, team members should come from the following: corporate marketing, packaging design engineers, packaging engineers, graphic designers, and so on. Before you begin the design team members to a full exchange of views, designer must understand the user's intentions, target market, marketing environment, product history, brands and features, designed to take fully into account the realization of the process and advance, as applied to the latest processing technologies and materials design, packaging production engineer's opinion should have received adequate attention from the beginning of the design. Before the design, but also to fully understand the relevant laws and regulations. Designs in mass production and packaging put on the market, it is best to conduct pilot release, collecting market feedback, make modifications to the package design, satisfied with the mass market.