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Commodity Bag Packaging Prints New Challenges

Commodity Bag Packaging Prints New Challenges
Commodity Bag Packaging Labeling The new challenge is that flexibly printing has a large share of the product's printing market, and the effect of the product label is important when the product is sold. Our common Commodity Bag packaging label in the design must be exquisite, eye-catching, attractive, people have to buy this product impulse.
However, the printed labels in the Commodity Bag package are very broad in categories, and the origin of these printed labels is based on the continuous improvement of the market and technology, as if the pressure-sensitive printing label was just developed and is easy to use Under the conditions of high-speed development, and in the passage of time its shortcomings are exposed, which makes us know that according to the development of the market to continue to innovate Commodity Bag packaging on the printed label.
Commodity Bag is a three-dimensional shape, its blooming process is composed of a number of surface movement, accumulation, folding, surrounded by the process of multi-faceted body. The structure of the three-dimensional structure in the space from the role of space, the different parts of the surface to be cut, rotated, folded, the surface has a different emotional expression. The plane has a smooth, smooth, simple sense.
The surface is soft, gentle and resilient. The surface is soft, round simple, plump, side of the strict, solemn ... ... and these are precisely what we study the physical structure of the Commodity Bag must be taken into account.
The study of polyhedron in the three-dimensional structure is to find the change between the surface and the surface of the polyhedron, and to explore the relationship between the change of the surface and the strength of the material. For example: the surface of the joint in the Commodity Bag modeling usually point to pick, line, face three ways in the box, box and box bottom structure.
To the bottom of the box as an example: the bottom part of the box is to withstand the weight, resistance to pressure, vibration, fall and other factors in the most influential part of the more suitable for surface, the use of each side of the interlocking and locking methods such as the bottom of the box firmly Sealing, forming. This structure can be packaged with many types of products to small and medium-sized bottled products.
In addition, the six basic geometries in the polyhedron and their variants have similarities in the real life of the complex and exotic form of the commodity. Commodity Bag packaging structure for the function of goods, features, should give full play to the characteristics of polyhedron, clever use of body language to express the characteristics of goods and packaging beauty.
Currently on the market a lot of food packaging, the other Commodity Bag is based on the shape of the polyhedral Plato or Archimedes defined, each side by the repeated shape of the composition of the use of different shapes are formed, the combination of the surface The more the closer the sphere is. Such as the Japanese "chocolate" packaging, its appearance just corresponds to the definition of the Platonic sphere, by the same eight triangular cardboard after folding through each other interspersed, surrounded by a positive and eight, sealed with a simple and simple silk Cleverly connected from the 8 surface, played a solid role in the role of rigorous, with Japan's unique national style.
Commodity Bag packaging in the daily life should be regarded as common things, but to talk about its structure a lot of people will be at a loss. Today, we come to understand the structure of several Commodity Bag packaging.
1, heaven and earth cover and shaking type Commodity Bag. This kind of packaging structure is one of the most common in daily life. This structure is in the box surface according to the different graphics pressure tangent, you can open the lid, both to see the goods, but also to see the box surface decoration graphics, text and trademarks. This structure has a convenient opening, easy to remove the goods and easy to display and promote merchandise and other characteristics.
2, portable Commodity Bag This Commodity Bag is in the Commodity Bag edge plus a handle, but the handle as designed as a folding form, you can easily transport。