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Commodity Bag To Create Popularity

Oct 11, 2017

People on the Commodity Bag design should be linked to the reality of the project, select the most representative features, the emergence of the product feel more short-term concern, is to create a Commodity Bag needs to carry the amount of information should be simple features. Relatively speaking, the number of characters less image or corporate culture, while leading the tide of the times. The information becomes very important. But worth mentioning the uniform reading end. Concerned about the content of the times, concerned about the tide of fashion, these are graphic design. The most common visual style used to convey the information. In modern design, the importance of graphics is not willing to play the creative level of speaking, so that consumers get pleasure in reading. If you want to match with the heavier packaging, you can use 300g coated paper or more than 300g cardboard printing.
It is clear that organization of graphic speaking should also be rationally and usefully converted into visualization of Commodity Bag making design "graphic" selection synthesis in order to be clear and clear to be familiar with vision. The correct text to express the content to be implied, is able to be very useful to pass information, play advertising. The transmission of commodity information has a significant impact. Deep and lasting visual effects, especially to seize the young people's vision. Popular type of the first set of equipment installed in the heat sealing machine on the punching die lengthening the first set of equipment installed in the three sides of the sealing machine on the punching machine gantry primary equipment installed in the three sides of the sealing machine punching machine, hand hole Like the majority of molds. The whole design is in boldface. Whether the correct expression of the information on the goods plays a vital role. The ultimate goal of the text design is to convey the message, to convey the advertising information, so that the independence and personality, so as to guide people in the eyes at the same time concerned about the graphics of the audience in a short period of time to complete the information.
Pattern selection can be considered from the following aspects: Shopping Commodity Bag production is a part of corporate culture, is to design graphics to speak. Chinese characters as a visual recognition in addition to the signs of the Chinese people for thousands of years in order to enhance the text and product overall end of the unity and coordination, but not smart link.
Attached to the graphics, text and muscle, Commodity Bag packaging and decorating the color design. Not only requires beautiful, generous, to meet people's aesthetic requirements, but also with the psychological feelings of highly coordinated equipment supplies. Color design mainly from the following aspects:
Color of color
A group of colors of the main color, color is the color configuration on the screen with the total tendency, the total mood. And in the full picture of the absolute advantage of the printing technology. Packaging requirements in the long-distance shelves from the moment of the visual highlights, to convey the goods information, which requires a strong sense of the overall color to meet the printing market. Therefore, the key to packaging color design is the color design equipment supplies. Color design requirements and the main features of the product are unified, such as Commodity Bag should use the red, orange and other cold drinks packaging should use cold print technology. Color design requirements and the times, with different regions, different ethnic groups on the color of the joy of reunification, to be able to adapt to this change, conform to the trend of the times, such as Islamians like green hanged yellow; Tibetan red for the distinguished color and avoid With yellow, green; Manchu people love yellow, purple, red, blue and avoid using red and other goods Quotes. Commodity Bag design should take full account of these radical habits, to make the product is welcome, for imported goods, packaging design can only respect other countries or other national customs printing market.
2.Commodity Bag color contrast
Two pairs of the top of the color is called contrast color, twelve hue ring. The color difference between the biggest difference, leaving a distinctive, strong contrast feeling printing tools. Commodity Bag color only by contrast, the ability to correctly express the image of the printing alliance. Contrast mainly includes the following three aspects: light contrast, including the same hue and different hue of the brightness of contrast, through repeated comparison, in order to accurately express the central China. Brightness contrast can enhance the sense of pleasure, the stronger the contrast, the more clear visual effects, and vice versa visual effects of the more fuzzy printing market. Purity comparison In the same hue, the higher the purity, the more bright, the lower the purity, the more turbid central China. Purity comparison can strengthen the rich sense of printing Union. Commodity Bag color contrast This is two or more color juxtaposition or alternating changes, due to different color caused by the color shift phenomenon, but also sub-color contrast, complementary color contrast and cold contrast contrast printing tools. Color contrast design, it should be just right to compare, only to make the screen bright and impressive, rather than floating, the coordination of harmony and beauty of the central printing.