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Custom Breast Milk Storage Bag Of Several Big Confusion

Jun 22, 2017

Custom Breast Milk Storage Bag of several big confusion
Today, the supermarket shelves on the dazzling goods, how do you buy their own desirable goods it? This will be in the custom milk bag up and down enough effort, mainly to observe the Custom Breast Milk Storage Bag on the identification information can be, but sometimes often It is precisely because the label, to bring consumers endless trouble.
Frozen food "unpacking"
Most food stores, especially food supermarkets, must have frozen food counters. For frozen food, in the past has been a long time to sell bulk cargo, this does not meet the food hygiene requirements of the business has been criticized by the parties concerned to stop, after the media was canceled. Some large domestic frozen food companies will be the original large package to small packaging supply market.
Production batch, shelf life how to identify?
There are many food packaging is still using relatively backward hot stamping to mark the production batch and shelf life, and this process is often carried out with the heat sealing, so often because of the closure of the fold uneven, or due to die Of the indentation is too light and too shallow, leaving the production batch, the shelf life of blurred, so that consumers can not identify, identify. And some products, although the use of advanced inkjet technology, but manufacturers often have no intention or intention to date spray in the custom milk storage bag on a large black or a hard to find the corner, it seems intentions to let consumers see The
Today's food production date is tomorrow?
Any kind of food need to ensure the quality of fresh, but some people even in the supermarket to buy goods, found the date of production is the second day of the goods, just eye-popping. For the relatively short shelf life of the food, such as milk and the like, we must pay attention to the production date and shelf life, beware of buying "fake."
There are four specific reasons for the quality of the vacuum storage bag: the difference is:
1, the material barrier. For example, OPP / PE structure of the packaging, vacuum 2 weeks after the vacuum will be significantly reduced, so the vacuum packaging of the material must have a certain gas barrier.
2, sealed air tightness. If there is a small, incomplete seal on the edge of the seal, the air will pass through these cracks into the custom milk storage bag to cause the vacuum. For example, the pillow-shaped packaging in the transverse seal on the second floor and the four layers of material at the junction or sealing the inner material by the contents of the pollution (such as grease, powder, etc.) or wrinkles on the edge, etc. will cause the phenomenon of poor sealing.
3, mechanical damage. B. Foreign objects damaged, such as the adjacent Custom Breast Milk Storage Bag of the edges and corners puncture, the material on the crystal point of destruction of the material, such as the use of a large number of objects, Barrier material, sealing knife edge edge burrs damaged packaging materials, etc .; c. Material resistance to poor flexibility, in the packaging circulation in the barrier greatly reduced.
4, the other may be due to the contents of fermentation (anaerobic respiration) generated by the gas, causing a decrease in vacuum. Of course, this can be a custom milk storage bag to re-dress up other items to confirm the vacuum.