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Custom Food Bag Are Rising In The Trend Of Rising Trend

Custom Food Bag are rising in the trend of rising trend
Usually we are talking about the design of the packaging is generally from the visual definition of beauty or ugly, simple or luxury, classical or modern, but with the development of society, more and more enterprises began to pay attention to product user experience, more and more Many products began to use interactive design, packaging is no exception. What is the interactive packaging, from the big aspects can be divided into sensory packaging, functional packaging and smart packaging. Here mainly to tell you about the feeling of packaging.
Sensory packaging refers to the feeling that consumers can have a sense of intuition on the packaging products, including the sense of touch, vision or smell, etc. For example, some sense of packaging to extract the smell of internal products to attract guests, such as Toast, chocolate or fruit odor, the extracted smell is fused in the adhesive or paint, so that the entire packaging is full of attractive taste, so that consumers are more impressed by the brand in the rise of the major cities of the smell of the museum Very good evidence of this point.
There are some texture texture obvious packaging and visual effects exaggerated packaging and so on.
Another purpose of the packaging is to maintain the integrity of the product, such as the production of potato chips in the packaging of the product by adding the taste of potato chips to prevent potato chips taste.
Custom food bag word, sounds very formal, in our lives in the customization of the application of food bags have a lot of occasions, for the blooming items, carry the bag in the hands, because it can be carried by hand and named. (The corresponding word in English is CARRIER BAG).
Custom food bag production materials can be divided into three categories: paper, plastic and non-woven fabrics, the cost is relatively low.
The meaning and application of Custom Food Bag
Custom Food Bag applications can also be divided into three categories, the application of Custom Food Bag The first case is used for business in full bloom goods, such a custom food bag will generally be printed on the merchant LOGO, play the advertising The role of it, then it has another name - advertising bag (English called SHOPPING BAG or LOGO BAG).
The meaning and application of Custom Food Bag
Custom Food Bag Custom Food Bag of the application of the second case is in the gift when the gift, also known as gift bags (English called GIFT BAG), in fact, in the broad sense, this is the first, but only Is a common commodity into a gift, the letter printed on the bag pattern is not a business logo but bless the class of words and auspicious patterns.
The meaning and application of Custom Food Bag
The second case of Custom Food Bag is that there are a lot of fashionable avant-garde Westerners who use Custom Food Bag for bagged products. Most of these Custom Food Bag are made of canvas, and the feeling of fresh art is particularly suitable Summer back, can be a good reflection of the use of human personality, then the mood, so more and more young people love (this type of custom food bag English known as CANVAS TOTE BAG).
Custom Food Bag are sometimes called handbags, handbags and so on. In addition, the word handbag refers generally to women's bags.
 In many large brand restaurants, we can see the use of a variety of Custom Food Bag. These paper bags are printed on the food brand name, played a very good publicity, and has a lot of features and advantages. First of all, compared to ordinary plastic bags, paper bags give people the feeling is more tall, you can instantly enhance the quality of the entire food brand. The following Xiaobian and we talk about Custom Food Bag in the future bright future?
Second, the health of Custom Food Bag is beyond doubt. When a variety of plastic bags contain more and more toxic, many people require the use of paper bags to replace plastic bags. In addition, paper can be recycled garbage, but the plastic will greatly pollute our environment.
Moreover, many professional food Custom Food Bag through high-tech production and processing, can achieve the effect of oil absorption. For many fried foods, the paper bag is definitely the preferred packaging. All, the advantages of paper bags more and more obvious, get a lot of people support. As China's food safety management more stringent, I believe that the use of paper bags will be more.