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Custom Food Bag Design A Few Tips

Custom Food Bag design a few tips
 Custom food bag design process, many times because of the small negligence caused by the final make the custom food bags are not neat, such as cutting to the pattern or text, or poor convergence, color cut off a variety of circumstances because some design In the wrong. We should confirm the custom food bag design manuscripts should pay attention to a few small knowledge to help you order food packaging when a Shun in the end.

        The first point: custom food bag design layout pattern, text and other cutting edge must be 1cm, so as not to cut when cut. The text must be curved or framed. Do not use the system word, if the use of the stroke will cause a white node. After the text is converted into a curve, please note whether there is a misplaced or overlapping error between words or lines. Black text do not use overlay coloring.

       Second point: custom food bag design color can not be screen or printer to print the color to the requirements of the customer must be made reference to the percentage of CMYK chromatography to determine the production of color. At the same time note: different manufacturers of CMYK chromatography by the use of materials, ink types, printing pressure and other factors, the same color will be different.

       The third point: the same file custom food bag design, in different times printing, the color will be different, the color difference within 10% of the normal (due to ink control every time there will be different), large machine printing, If the old file to be printed, in order to avoid color is too large, can only refer to the company out of the digital color samples. Different times the printing of finished products appear color, not as a reason to return.

      The fourth point: custom food bag design manuscripts do not need to draw cross lines and cutting lines, can be used to create two invisible wire frame size and bleeding line 92mm × 56mm, cut after the 90mm × 54mm (that is, the four sides to retain 1mm Bleeding). If you need special size, please specify in the order and in the uploaded document.

      Fifth point: custom food bag design shading or bottom map color color value should not be less than 10%, to avoid printing products can not be presented.