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Custom Food Bag Packaging Cooked Food Better

Custom Food Bag packaging cooked food better
    Custom Food Bags in cooked food packaging than other bags of the better, such as pork, chicken, chicken feet or chicken wings and so on. Because these need to be isolated from air and moisture, in the case of non-frozen, Custom Food Bags can fully meet the needs of durability. And if the use of aluminum foil bags or composite bags, not only can not achieve the effect of preservation, and easy to degenerate, not the purpose of packaging.
       What kind of Custom Food Bags can guarantee food safety and quality? First, packaging film to meet national standards, can not shoddy. Food companies must first find out what their food Custom Food Bags need anything; followed by regular packaging enterprises to do custom processing.
   Custom Food Bag preservation principle is the most important part of the removal of packaging products within the oxygen, but will customize the food bags and food oxygen out, and then sealed packaging, to avoid air into, it will not happen to reflect the oxidation, so To achieve the effect of preservation. And Custom Food Bags is the use of the principle of Custom Food Bags and food cells within the oxygen removed, so that the survival of microorganisms to survive the environment, so as to achieve the purpose of preservation.
       In addition to the packaging, the main role of vacuum inflatable packaging in addition to Custom Food Bags with the oxygen barrier function, there are mainly anti-pressure, gas barrier, preservation and other effects, can more effectively make the food long-term to maintain the original color , Incense, taste, shape and nutritional value. Food by food Custom Food Bag machine vacuum inflatable packaging, Custom Food Bag inflatable pressure greater than the Custom Food Bag outside the atmospheric pressure, can effectively prevent the food compression broken deformation, does not affect the appearance of Custom Food Bags and printing and decorating.
  How to identify whether the Custom Food Bags meet the standards, manufacturers that have the following main factors:
       First from the sealing to observe the adhesion, such as the emergence of some small cracks in the seal that this is not qualified products;
       Second, from the appearance of visual observation to visually view the composite Custom Food Bag surface with no significant scratches and pinholes. Point to see if there is any pollution. Can not be immediately identified by the visual, slightly overlooked is the reason for the formation of leakage in the future erosion.
       Finally, the sealing strength test observation, will check the customization of the Custom Food Bag sealing, cut the width of 15mm long strip, with a versatile material tester to 300 ± 20mm / min speed, determination of sealing strength, usually composite bag sealing strength should be 2334N / 15mm.
       Custom Food Bags are often used to wrap fresh, meat, small food, etc., in order to ensure the safety of food, so the quality inspection must be taken seriously.
   Choose a Custom Food Bag when you must be based on the size of the goods and your packaging machine to select the appropriate size of the bag must be NY composite PE to produce, if it is a lot cheaper than the white bag, the specific product based on you (Heat-sealed PE film, CPP, BOPP) and nylon (airtight better) or PET (vacuum coated PE film, CPP, BOPP) and nylon (good airtight) or PET Through the film for glue glue (chemical products) through the composite machine composite film. And then made by the bag machine made of vacuum after the sealing performance is the best. Resistant air resistance, anti-oxidation, waterproof, moisture-proof mechanical properties, anti-blasting performance, anti-puncture and tear resistance, high temperature (121 ℃), low temperature (-50 ℃). Non-toxic, tasteless meet national standards. Heat sealing performance is good, transparency is good.