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Custom Food Bag That You Do Not Know About

Custom Food Bag that you do not know about
With people's own literacy and cultural level of improvement, more and more people are more advocating green and environmentally friendly consumer ideas, have to find environmentally friendly products. So in this case, Custom Food Bag came into being.
        For people, paper bags are very familiar, but Custom Food Bag may be a bit strange. So what is the Custom Food Bag, what is the role?
        Custom Food Bag to the whole wood pulp paper as a material, is a composite material or pure kraft paper production of packaging containers, white kraft paper and yellow kraft paper two colors, can be used in the paper pp material layer of film, from the waterproof , Its high strength, non-toxic and tasteless and low-carbon environmental protection. It is because of its characteristics, only to win people's favor.
        When people shopping, always feel that shopping bags are not beautiful, not convenient, but the emergence of Custom Food Bag to break the situation. Custom Food Bag themselves have been more beautiful than the average paper bag, even if you need to improve, then you can also do in the above gold foil, hot silver process, do this embellishment, walking in the street do not want to attract the eye is difficult The Custom Food Bag are made of composite materials, in terms of thickness than the average paper bag should be high, load-bearing capacity than the average paper bag to be strong, even if a lot of things a Custom Food Bag will be able to get all, easy and convenient.
        Now many businesses have been dissatisfied with the status of Custom Food Bag, they would like to customize the basis of the delicious food bags on the basis of their own business logo, to promote their own brand of culture, and manufacturers continue to innovate, the perfect corporate logo and Bronzing process together, the business is undoubtedly icing on the cake. After they pay more attention to the use of Custom Food Bag, with the greatest quality, the greatest convenience, the greatest environmental protection for people to provide the best service.
With the improvement of people's own literacy and cultural level, more and more people are more advocating green and environmentally friendly consumer attitudes. People in the requirements of paper bags work and structure continues to improve at the same time, gradually concerned about the paper bags in environmental protection and aesthetic aspects of performance. This is a new type of material from the production of paper bags - Custom Food Bag has become a popular product.
"Custom Food Bag" is a composite material (kraft paper) made of the bag made of processing. As the production of Custom Food Bag with non-toxic, tasteless, environmentally friendly features, so "Custom Food Bag" to meet people's green consumption at the same time deserved to become an internationally recognized environmental protection products. In the major shopping malls at home and abroad, the supermarket can be seen everywhere "Custom Food Bag" trace, he is like a little warrior, accompanied by our daily life, help us share the burden of life.
   For Custom Food Bag, we are not familiar, but we know how Custom Food Bag made of it? If your answer is "do not know" or "ambiguous", then please follow the pace of Guangdong paper bag experts, together to understand the Custom Food Bag is the production method bar
   Customized food bags in accordance with the size and size of the paper bag itself is different, the practice is divided into small white Custom Food Bag practice, medium Custom Food Bag practice, big bag practice.
Small white Custom Food Bag practice: This paper bag completely using the pipeline machine molding, paste rope. Short duration, fast efficiency and low cost, so this bag is generally wide range of applications and affordable, is the essential housewives are essential products.
Medium-sized paper bag is made in the machine on the basis of molding, the use of artificial way to complete the rope.
Big bag in practice because of restrictions on machinery and equipment, can only be used purely hand-made way, which to a certain extent, increased production costs, cost manpower and material resources and low efficiency.
Seemingly simple Custom Food Bag, the processing of the production process is not easy. Cherish every paper bag that treasure a hard work