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Custom Milk Storage Bags Green Food Packaging Preferred

Custom milk storage bags green food packaging preferred

Is the custom milk storage bag green product? Does he meet the development of green environmental protection? Next for you to explain in detail. Custom milk storage bags are widely used, the product classification of the main side of the custom milk storage bags (free custom milk storage bags) and non-self-made custom milk storage bags two. And covered with a layer of anti-oil film becomes a custom milk storage bags. Traditional chestnut bags, sugar snow bags are free-standing custom milk storage bags. And hand grasping bags, pancake bags are not self-reliance.

Square bag is a people's life is often used in a necessity, especially now to promote environmental protection era. Square bottom paper bag it is environmentally friendly low carbon, carrying side, making simple. Here I will briefly introduce the side of the paper bag production methods.

First, prepare a large paper (white paper as an example).

Second, draw a wide 2-4 cm slender, folded up to prepare for sticky.

Third, the remaining part is divided into four copies.

Fourth, the slender strips and the remaining four equal parts of the stick up.

Fifth, the five sheets of paper after the bonding, the side of the fold, fold part of the bottom of the paper bag.

Sixth, the two sides are folded on both sides, as the side of the paper bag, pay attention to fold the side of the side of the wanton paper bag width, not too narrow, so as not to affect the production behind.

Seventh, take the next step, along the black line folded side, and then folded on each side of the two, and the black line from the starting point of forty-five degrees.

Eighth, the folded trapezoid is folded along the extension of the long side crease.

Ninth, will fold the intersection, bonding.

Tenth, all the creases folded up, forming.

11, making the handle hole, folded in the opening 2-4 cm, and then hit the hole, you can put on the rope.

Customized milk storage bags

Custom milk storage bags can also be called known as lined paper bags, generally used to refer to the material for the paper and the oil effect of the outstanding bags. More use of kraft paper materials, but also the use of white paper materials. Mainly used to hold a variety of fried snacks, such as chicken, pancakes, gong burning and other oily snacks.

At present, most of the custom milk storage bags using kraft paper as raw materials, there are a small part of the use of white paper. Ink with edible water-based ink, green health, safe and secure.

With the growing awareness of people's green awareness, more and more people realize the importance of custom milk storage bags. So, the prospect of custom milk storage bags is very bright. Custom milk storage bags instead of plastic bags and other packaging is the trend!