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Custom Paper For Custom Food Bag

Jun 14, 2017

Custom paper for custom food bags

Paper bags widely used, small to the food stalls of custom food bags, snack bags, large shopping malls, clothing store portable paper bags. Versatile, beautifully printed. So, so many paper bags are made of what kind of paper made of it? The following analysis for you.

Custom food bags, there are many types of paper can be used, often used in four: kraft paper, coated paper, white cardboard, offset paper. Different types of paper tenacity, smoothness and aesthetics are different, in the custom paper bag, the paper bag manufacturers will be based on the use of paper bags and different characteristics of paper contrast to meet customer needs. Here we give you a brief introduction to the four kinds of bags commonly used in the characteristics of the paper. 1. Kraft paper is made of softwood pasta wood, the strength is large, usually yellowish brown, in addition to light brown, cream or white. Thickness of 80 grams to 120 grams. Kraft paper has a high pull, a single light, double light, stripes, no grain and so on. Mainly used for the production of supermarkets with environmentally friendly portable paper bags, chestnuts and other dried fruit packaging paper bags, envelope bags, file bags, medical bags and so on. 2. Coated paper The main raw material is copperplate paper and paint. The paint, adhesive and auxiliary materials made of paint, coated with a special equipment in the cardboard surface, dry, calendering, smooth surface, good printing performance, the thickness of 70 to 250 grams, used for packets, Labels, cartons and so on. 3. White cardboard is made of bleached chemical pulping and fully sieved monolayer or multilayer. White cardboard surface smooth, strong texture, the current domestic market to import large white cardboard accounted for a larger market share. White cardboard is mainly used for the production of high-grade exquisite handbags, bags, gift boxes, business cards and so on. 4. Offset paper paper is white and smooth, but the brightness, tightness, smoothness is lower than the coated paper, suitable for printing monochrome or multi-color books cover, text, inserts, pictorials, maps, posters, color marks and A variety of packaging products, in recent years, but also for the production of low-demand chestnut and other dried fruit bags. Above for the brief introduction of these four types of paper, different paper, causing different characteristics, the use of differences are relatively large.

The main features of the custom food bag material are summarized in two ways: on the one hand, the composite effect is emphasized, and the composite material has a variety of strengths in its performance and molding. On the other hand highlights the design of composite materials, which is conducive to maximize the role of materials, reduce the use of materials to meet the special performance requirements, and thus in the future development of composite materials immeasurable future.

Because the customization of the composite bag has the above characteristics, the development history of the modern composite material is not long, but it has become a kind of striking new material, and has wide application prospect in the national economy and cutting-edge science and technology. In the aerospace, aviation applications the earliest, if that there is no modern composite materials can not have today's aerospace industry, which is not too much. The United States "Atlas" missile engine uses enhanced composites, weight reduction of 45% than metal, the range from the original 1600 k, increased to 4000 km. Of course these are far from our lives. The most can feel is the customization of food bags in the field of food applications have replaced the trend of plastic bags.