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How To Choose Aluminum Foil Bag Correctly

How to choose Aluminum Foil Bag correctly

From the professional point of view, the materials of Aluminum Foil Bag manufacturers are raw materials, semi-permeable materials and new materials. New materials in the production of Aluminum Foil Bag, of course, the quality is best, can use repeatedly, the original raw materials in the production of Aluminum Foil Bag outside is about more than 8 months, and the same, with the quality of reworked material production of Aluminum Foil Bag slightly worse, but reworked material of Aluminum Foil Bag is his own application space, such as cement bag, unnecessary to use the new material, so choose new material do those two material, it is necessary to the credentials necessary to customize. The naked eye can be roughly identified if the correct data need to be tested.

If you would detection, generally to detect surface quality (with and without broken wires, clean degree, stitching quality weft density, width, diameter size, weight, etc.), tensile load (radial and weft, the hem and the bottom of the seam), drop test, heat resistance, health performance, etc., we can use hand forcibly knead, if after flattening wrinkles is not obvious quality is better in appearance, feel is brittle is not good. You can also see the thickness, density, pull a look strong, containing the reworked material of Aluminum Foil Bag relatively low tensile force is obvious, if you add the second back material, tensile force is relatively lower. The elongation rate of the fracture is not stable, and the rate of the fracture rate of the addition of the regeneration material is different. The brittleness of the Aluminum Foil Bag is obviously increasing, especially the anti-low temperature brittleness, the anti-strike ability to land, the electric insulation landing, the aging degree is increasing, the speed is accelerated. We can also shake it to see if there's any crumbs, and the last one is whether the smell is strong. Recycled Aluminum Foil Bag are made from waste plastics, industrial waste and other processing. The colors are mostly cloudy, and the hand feels sticky and has a strong plastic taste. At the same time, the new material price is on the high side, for holding a one-time items of packaging is divided, the price is high, there is no doubt that the increase of product capital, for some building materials, use the material of Aluminum Foil Bag is also a good choice.

We are well aware of our products, and our Aluminum Foil Bag is a professional production and sales of Aluminum Foil Bag factory, specializing in the production of various Aluminum Foil Bag. Here, I would like to introduce the advantages of our Aluminum Foil Bag. I hope you will be more interested in our products.

The following is the advantage of Aluminum Foil Bag inside, Aluminum Foil Bag compared with common Aluminum Foil Bag is having a layer of Aluminum Foil Bag surface in PP waterproof membrane, and then the design printing into various forms of design and advertising diction, it looks not only looks beautiful, but also for the enterprise product publicity and image has certain improvement. The most important thing is that if the Aluminum Foil Bag pollution in the process of transportation or damp can directly use dishcloth wiped directly, will not affect the Aluminum Foil Bag inside state of product, this will avoid a lot of risk factors for the enterprise; But the ordinary Aluminum Foil Bag can't avoid such situation, if the water will penetrate directly into the product, causing unnecessary losses to the enterprise! Therefore, Aluminum Foil Bag can not only print fine patterns, but also have the characteristics of moisture-proof and moisture-proof, transportation security, etc., which are not comparable to ordinary Aluminum Foil Bag!

Aluminum Foil Bag can be made of inner covering and outer covering. The structure of the Aluminum Foil Bag determines the contribution of Aluminum Foil Bag to the strength, and the endometrium contributes to the airtight and moisture-proof. It can overcome the defects of the outer membrane Aluminum Foil Bag and the low pressure of internal air pressure. The surface friction coefficient is high, which is more helpful for transportation and stacking. The structure of Aluminum Foil Bag decides that when the peel strength decreases, it will not affect the moisture resistance of the envelope bag. The appearance no longer has the lotus leaf edge of the Aluminum Foil Bag, the strength is not damaged, the original technology that used to rely on manual turnover.