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How To Identify The Way Mailing Bag Is Good Or Bad

Sep 20, 2017

How to identify the way Mailing Bag is good or bad
Advertising Mailing Bag is a common bag, is through the pattern of creativity, symbol recognition, text description and print color of the visual, causing the attention of consumers, and thus according to consumer demand, promote advertising Mailing Bag product sales advertising Bag design accounted for most of the market, advertising bags are also divided into shopping bags, promotional bags, brand Mailing Bag.
Now the country is vigorously promoting environmental knowledge every day, whether it is walking in the street, or turn on the TV, we can see and hear about environmental advocacy activities, not only that, the World Health Organization, also specially formulated the Environmental Protection Day And Earth Day, but people are holding a different attitude to deal with.
Mailing Bag Although only a simple bag, but its essence is not simple, different styles of bags printed on different styles of patterns, loved by the majority of users, only in the exquisite bag printed on your company's logo or image Pattern, bring the advertising efficiency is endless. Compared with the traditional bag, non-woven bags, whether in material or function, are slightly better, the use of refined materials, the use of more durable, to a certain extent, solve the problems encountered in traditional bags , Non-woven shopping bags, toughness, easy to wear
Restrictions on the implementation of the decision, the use of Mailing Bag and other environmentally friendly products and so on. Non-woven bags as one of the Mailing Bag series, repeated use, greatly reducing the white garbage, companies to promote environmental protection, fine bags printed on your company's name, better reflect the image. It can be seen, Mailing Bag to bring us not only environmentally friendly, it is stylish and practical, is our first choice for shopping.
At the same time, in many manufacturers choose Mailing Bag as advertising gifts, and now the price inflation today is not difficult to find a lot of fake and shoddy products, this time we need to pay attention to the quality of non-woven bags good and bad Mailing Bag allows us to put it down, we can only complain about the poor businessmen. There are a lot of supermarkets, businesses that their shopping bag is Mailing Bag, but also a big shot made a chest called non-toxic Mailing Bag customers rest assured that we have to be careful.
How to distinguish Mailing Bag good or bad way is to put the bag into the water, if the sink, then it is Mailing Bag, no sink but floating on the water is non-Mailing Bag, although this method is very simple but my most effective The There is another way to seize the non-Mailing Bag one hand to shake, if issued a crisp sound that the bag non-toxic; if the sound boring, then it is likely to be toxic. Through the above two ways to believe that we also understand the Mailing Bag.
 Mailing Bag material there are many, now the most attention is the mailing Bag processing of environmental protection. What about the environmental protection idea of Mailing Bag? The following is the day of the United States Mailing Bag processing plant for you to elaborate Mailing Bag processing of environmental protection concept:
    Mailing Bag variety of varieties, paper variety of materials, styles are also many.
    According to the material can be divided into: white cardboard Mailing Bag, white paper Mailing Bag, copper paper Mailing Bag, kraft paper Mailing Bag, there are a small amount of special paper manufacturing.
One, green
    As we all know, paper is a recyclable resource. Paper raw materials are mainly plant fiber, raw materials in addition to containing cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin three main components, there are other less content of the components, such as resin, ash and so on. In addition to sodium sulfate and other auxiliary ingredients. In addition to plant fiber paper, but also need to add different materials according to different filler. Commonly used plastic bags made of polyethylene are used as raw materials for oil, and oil is already our shortage of energy. In contrast, Mailing Bag production of raw materials is a tree, is a renewable resource. Itself has a biodegradable, recyclable features naturally affixed with a green label.
Second, not environmentally friendly
    Not all of the Mailing Bag are able to degrade, and some Mailing Bag pressure plastic film, if the film material is not only on the health of PVC will be harmful to the paper will be part of the normal decomposition of the material impact. In addition, the production of paper is still the use of logs as the main material, over-production of Mailing Bag, resulting in a large number of trees felled, the same will damage the environment. The immaturity of papermaking makes the production process produce a large amount of waste water. If the treatment equipment is backward, it will lead to untreated or incomplete disposal. It can still pollute the environment.