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PE Zipper Bag 5 Advantages

Jul 07, 2017

PE Zipper Bag 5 advantages

The PE Zipper Bag can be the reverse of the trend in the industry of plastics industry, must have its unique advantage. Today, composite flexible packaging composite substrate performance, and not only can enhance the effect of the quality, but also in the structure forms to develop in the direction of diversification, provides a variety of convenient for people, such as vacuum bag, aluminum foil bag, shielding bags, cooking bags, zipper bag, pocket, etc. The main advantages are as follows:

1. It can meet the diversified protection requirements of commodities and significantly improve the quality life of goods. Have all kinds of PE Zipper Bag function of flexible packaging materials, can meet the material such as water, gas, oil, organic solvent barrier property requirement, and can meet the rust and corrosion protection, preventing electromagnetic radiation, anti-static, chemical and other requirements, as well as aseptic preservation, non-toxic pollution-free, etc.

The packaging process is simple, easy to operate and easy to use. Product manufacturers and packers can pack and produce their own packaging materials and equipment with good quality and good quality. Technical requirements are easy to master. Soft packaging products are easy to open and easy to use.

Third, stronger commodity attraction, especially suitable for sale packaging requirement. Soft packing is the most approachable form of packing. Soft and soft packaging materials are light, soft and comfortable, and suitable for multicolored printing. The message is good for the customers to have a good sense of credibility.

4. Saving packaging cost and transportation cost. Because of flexible packaging materials mostly soft light film and sheet, packaging, stick put oneself in packaging materials accounts for a small weight, invalid less empty product packaging, the circulation of goods transportation is very convenient, and transportation cost is much lower than the rigid packaging of goods.

5. Resource energy consumption and environmental protection have obvious comparative advantages. Soft packing has less use for natural materials, packing material and inner load are less weight, and the volume of packing material is smaller than the volume of internal body material. Therefore, in terms of the variety and quantity of resource consumption, the soft packaging has the advantages of other forms of packaging. Because the material is soft and easy to fold, easy to bale, soft packaging waste materials recycling transportation is very convenient, waste treatment methods more, depending on the nature of the waste materials can be respectively adopt methods such as landfill, incineration, decomposition, regeneration.

PE Zipper Bag technology originated in the 1940s, and the PE Zipper Bag technique has developed rapidly since the plastic film was successfully applied in the 1950s. The level of packaging reflects the level of science and technology in a country. The research and application of PE Zipper Bag technology in China is still in its infancy.

In 1962, Ordal proposed that the impenetrable membrane could inhibit the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, and the packaging of fresh meat could extend its shelf life.

2. Baltzer thinks that the reason why the fresh meat of PE Zipper Bag is better than the meat of the fresh meat is:

(1) the total number of microorganisms increased slowly in anaerobic conditions;

(2) decay and mucus decrease;

(3) after storage, the number of microorganism in PE Zipper Bag is less than that of aerobic packaging. This shows that no air membrane PE Zipper Bag of fresh meat, after the oxygen into carbon dioxide, oxygen air membrane can cut off the outside world no longer into the packaging, so PE Zipper Bag can prolong the shelf life of fresh meat.

3, 1970, Pierson put forward PE Zipper Bag created a to select the kinds of microorganism and level "ecosystem". SCOPA company in 1974 for the first time application MAP (ModifiedAtmospherePackage, is a kind of vacuum first, then filled with a certain proportion of mixed gas packaging) packaging meat products.

4, Pesis, etc. (1986) suggests that the PE Zipper Bag is the best method for maintaining the quality and hardness of persimmon fruit. Thus it can be seen that the development and popularization of storage preservation technology are increasingly valued by producers, operators and consumers.

PE Zipper Bag required equipment is another part of the packaging containers, packaging container of the sort is more, such as plastic, plastic and paper, aluminum foil composite materials composed of complex, glass bottles, metal containers and hard plastic, etc., for the selection of packaging container shall be determined according to the properties of PE Zipper Bag of food, such as canned food is application of glass or metal cans, such as traditional Chinese medicine with aluminum foil or plastic, and so on. Although there are many types of container materials for PE Zipper Bags, the most common ones are plastic films.