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PE Zipper Bag Caused By Waste What Causes

Nov 02, 2017

PE Zipper Bag caused by waste what causes
PE Zipper Bag production process for a variety of reasons caused by PE Zipper Bag waste, what causes PE Zipper Bag waste generated it as a PE Zipper Bag manufacturers, after years of production experience and research results for everyone to share Membrane PE Zipper Bag waste reasons:
In order to reduce the defective and waste, first of all have to understand the secondary products and waste are the main reasons.
1, subjective reasons: responsibility, enthusiasm and mental state to determine the yield.
2, the objective reasons: the first coating into the car finished. When you adjust the membrane side, finished cloth cloth after the new cloth began to film. At this point, the barrel temperature, screw speed, extrusion pressure, cooling roller surface temperature has not yet reached a full balance and stability. As the speed increases, the extrusion volume is gradually changing. The first volume of the film roll core must have a small part of the coating is not strong enough.
Second, due to change coating materials, for specifications, change paint ratio, climate change and so on. Regulation of temperature parameters in the process, will also cause the quality of coating fluctuations. Round woven lotus cloth, storage of a long time Chen cloth, the substrate surface is not loose, flatness is too bad, a large extent also affect the quality of the coating caused by defective.
Causes of waste: the coating process for some reason, then cloth, film, color film is not good. Tension controller failure, film side stick roller, membrane edge film, diaphragm split. As well as due to process causes the finished product at both ends of the winding from the tendon. Or stripping, leakage coating. Or product specifications for the specifications, round woven fabric waste silk break the film, the color film in the intermittent joints. Printing film layout ink lines, etc., will cause PE Zipper Bag waste.
PE Zipper Bags, although there are many types, but the vast majority of the market PE parcels or rectangular, shape specifications, single orders are often printed little, the general use of offset printing process to complete the printing. Its production process is relatively simple, according to offset printing and finishing process commonly used in the process can be completed production. But if it can be special for the paper bag, the process to make some changes, you can save costs and improve production efficiency, the following talk about my experience in this area some experience for your reference.
In most cases, PE Zipper Bags are not directly packaged products, but the product first installed in the carton or plastic bag, and then placed in the PE Zipper Bag to facilitate the portable and look beautiful, which makes the customer PE The size of the zipper bag is often less demanding than the paper box. According to the characteristics of PE Zipper Bag, I will be our factory previously produced PE Zipper Bag long, wide, high size of the accurate statistical summary, according to PE Zipper Bags of different height classification number.
For example, the height of the PE Zipper Bag is between 25cm and 30cm, and the molded version of all the PE Zipper Bags in this height range is numbered, placed in serial number and stored in the record. (Including length, width and height) of the molded version, the layout of the molded version, the distance from the mouthpiece of the molded version to the crease line of the handle. There are customers to print PE Zipper Bags, the first look for statistical tables, the same size of the best, if only similar size PE Zipper Bags, customers and customers can negotiate in a similar size can be printed, such as accepted by the customer , To this size to the plate, printing, and then use the original molded version of the indentation processing, saving the production of molded version of the cost and time. In the case of large enterprises with large paper bag production, this can achieve considerable economic benefits. For the need to produce a new molded version of the PE Zipper Bag, the new molded version should try to maintain a unified layout method, a unified Diao mouth to the handle at the fold line of the distance, after use should be classified in time to be registered Ready for later use.