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PE Zipper Bag Use Note

PE Zipper Bag use note
PE Zipper Bag is commonplace, but people often ignore some of the plastic on the human body such a fact, readily picked up a PE Zipper Bag used to install food.
Polyvinyl chloride plastic is a toxic variety; PVC resin is non-toxic, but in the process of making plastic added to the plasticizer dibutyl phthalate or dioctyl phthalate, they are toxic. In addition, some plastic products by adding a stabilizer, and these added stabilizer is mainly lead stearate, but also toxic, this lead salt is easy to precipitate, once into the human body will cause accumulation of lead poisoning, so the food When you want to use a dedicated food bag, must not be used in the use of attention should be the following points:
1. PVC products and ethanol ether and other solvent contact will lead to lead, so the use of PVC plastic products containing alcohol-like food is very appropriate.
2. Polyvinyl chloride in case of oil when the lead will be dissolved into food, so it is not suitable for PE Zipper Bags of oil food.
3. PVC plastic use temperature is higher than 50 ℃ when there will be HC precipitation slowly, this gas is harmful to human health.
4. Waste plastic recycling products, due to complex sources of raw materials inevitably with toxic ingredients, nor for PE Zipper Bags.
People use PE Zipper Bag food is a non-additive polyethylene, polypropylene plastic products, with them for food bags can be reassuring.
You must understand the protective requirements of food
Different chemical composition of the food, physical and chemical properties are different, so different food on the PE Zipper Bag protection requirements are also different. For example, the cake is more fat, soft, have the best water content requirements, so at least should meet the following requirements: oil high oxygen resistance (to prevent oil and grease is oxidized), high moisture resistance ( Prevent the cake from losing water to become hard and hardened). In addition, the tea PE Zipper Bag should be high oxygen resistance (to prevent the active ingredient is oxidized), high moisture resistance (tea damp moldy), high light resistance (tea chlorophyll by sunlight will change), high In addition, the tea is also very easy to absorb the external smell), and the current market is a considerable part of the tea is a common PE, PP and other transparent PE Zipper Bag PE Zipper Bag, Greatly wasted the effective ingredients of tea, tea quality is not guaranteed. Contrary to the above foods, fruits, vegetables and other picking after the choice of breathing, that is, PE Zipper Bags on different gases have different transmittance. Such as fried coffee beans PE Zipper Bags are also slowly released after the carbon dioxide, cheese in the PE Zipper Bag will also produce carbon dioxide, so their PE Zipper Bag should be high oxygen and high carbon dioxide permeability. Fruit and vegetables PE Zipper Bags are often required to be mildew type, because the PE Zipper Bag on the wall of the small droplets will produce a series of unfavorable biochemical use of fruits and vegetables, resulting in fruit and vegetable easily browning, perishable. Different varieties of fruits and vegetables and different maturity of the same kind of fruits and vegetables on the PE Zipper Bag material ventilation and selectivity requirements are also different. Raw meat, meat processing food, beverages, small food, baked goods and other protective requirements for PE Zipper Bags are also very different. For example, the coating of meat can be sulfur-resistant, fruit canned paint should be acid, inflatable beverage containers should be able to withstand a certain pressure, alcohol PE Zipper Bags should be resistant to alcohol and barrier aroma and so on. Therefore, according to the different nature of the food itself and the same protective requirements of water with the scientific design of PE Zipper Bags.
China for PE Zipper Bags of plastic as many as fifteen, six, such as PE, PP, PS, PET, PA, PVDC, EVA, PVA, EVOH, PVC, ion bond resin. High resistance to oxygen, such as PVA, EVOH, PVDC, PET, PA, etc., high resistance to moisture PVDC, PP, PE, etc .; resistant to radiation such as PS aromatic nylon; low temperature, such as PE, EVA, POET, PA, etc .; oil resistance and mechanical properties such as ionomer resin, PA, PET, etc., that is, high temperature sterilization and low temperature resistance, such as PET, PA and so on. Various plastic monomer molecular structure is different, the degree of polymerization is different, the type and quantity of additives are different, the performance is different, even if the same kind of plastic brand nature will be different.