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PE Zipper Bag What Are The Causes Of Waste?

Oct 19, 2017

PE Zipper Bag What are the causes of waste?
PE Zipper Bag During the production process, PE Zipper Bag is produced for various reasons. What is the result of PE Zipper Bag's waste? As a manufacturer of PE Zipper Bag, we have been able to share our production experience and research results. PE PE Zipper Bag Reason for waste:
In order to reduce the defective and waste, first of all have to understand the secondary products and waste are the main reasons.
1, subjective reasons: responsibility, enthusiasm and mental state to determine the yield.
2, the objective reasons: PE Zipper Bag coating into the first car into the first. When you adjust the membrane side, finished cloth cloth after the new cloth began to film. At this point, the barrel temperature, screw speed, extrusion pressure, cooling roller surface temperature has not yet reached a full balance and stability. As the speed increases, the extrusion volume is gradually changing. PE Zipper Bag The first volume of the film core must have a small part of the coating is not strong enough.
Second, due to PE Zipper Bag for film coating, for specifications, change paint ratio, climate change and so on. Regulation of temperature parameters in the process, will also cause the quality of coating fluctuations. Round lotus leaf cloth, storage of a long time Chen cloth, base material PE Zipper Bag surface is not loose, flatness is too bad, a large extent also affect the quality of the coating caused by defective.
Cause PE Zipper Bag waste reasons: the coating process for some reason, then cloth, film, film did not right. Tension controller failure, film side stick roller, membrane edge film, diaphragm split. As well as due to process causes the finished product at both ends of the winding from the tendon. Or stripping, leakage coating. Or product specifications for the specifications, round woven fabric waste silk break the film, the color film in the intermittent joints. Printed film layout ink lines, etc., will cause PE Zipper Bag waste.
Because the printed on the width of about 1cm Diao mouth is not printed, and the scope of the product outside the need to have regular lines, color, etc., so for the general print, the first paper cut than finished, , And then cut the paper or die cutting machine around the side of the waste paper cut off.
Gift PE Zipper Bag indentation processing If it is to use thick cardboard instead of indentation line, die cutting and indentation should not be carried out at the same time, so the gift PE Zipper Bag generally only indentation processing, without die-cutting processing.
If the paper is cut off with a cutter before indentation, the positioning accuracy of the indentation will be affected. If you leave the mold after cutting, due to the deformation of the paper when the molding, it is not easy to cut neatly. Therefore, the general method is used before printing the paper cut into finished product size, after printing only indentation processing, no longer need to cut or die cutting.
Such as long, wide, high, respectively, a, b, h rectangular gift PE Zipper Bag, its finished size a, b, h and finished product expansion size A, B between the following conversion relationship: the length of the expansion after A = 2 × (A + b) + side of the mouth, after the expansion of the width of B = fold + h + at the end of which the side of the mouth is generally 2cm, the mouth is generally 5cm.
When the paper size is tight, the side of the mouth and the fold can be slightly narrower, if the gift PE Zipper Bag will be slightly wider. Gift PE Zipper Bag bottom = 0.5 × b + bottom of the mouth, the bottom of the mouth is generally about 1cm, if the gift PE Zipper Bag larger can also be wider.