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Recyclable Ziplock Bag Of Insulating Layers May Be The Holy Grail For The Packaging Sector

Jan 13, 2017

New recycling barrier films and pouches used Dow Retain technology that is designed taking into account the recovery of barrier layer of flexible packaging. As of now, a brand using flexible packaging is part of its commitment to sustainable, they must use a light flexible packaging materials or recyclable materials.

This is the first time using recyclable capability of flexible packaging with barrier bags. These new bags and polyethylene (PE) film waste is recycled or bags in the grocery store.

This kind of packing is very important, but I believe that this new package and potential extra high voltage (HPP) food processing technology brings real opportunities for sustainable packaging innovation.

Ultra high pressure technology application began to achieve exponential in the frozen food market. It first applied in heat treatment processes prone to deterioration in the quality of the avocado salad dressing and onion sauce on. Now applied to natural meat products, pet food, sauces, packaged frozen meals, soups and chowders, dipping sauce, a staple food and juices. HPP technology is the use of high pressure cold water bath to kill bacteria. Because the product is processed in the package, so in subsequent processing will not be polluted again. Flexible packaging is particularly suitable for the sterilization process.