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Several Key Factors In Determining The Price Of The Mailing Bag

Several key factors in determining the price of the Mailing Bag
 At present, there are many types of Mailing Bag market, and the specifications are complicated. Many customers often ask how much money and so on when consulting with the Mailing Bag manufacturers. In fact, the manufacturers can not solve the problem. The price difference is very different because of different styles, materials and specifications. Pricing standards are not the same, even the market common Mailing Bag, but also because the different prices of different raw materials, so whether it is ordered or sold, have to have a systematic understanding of the Mailing Bag, or is the answer or ask the answer, Here we briefly introduce the next decision to determine the price of several important factors.
1, Mailing Bag style
This has played a decisive role in the price, Mailing Bag style varied, there are handbags, vest bags, tear bags, flat pockets, etc., different styles of its production process, production efficiency is different, some products, its production process is simple , The molding is easy, the price is relatively cheap, otherwise the price is relatively high, and some products are high production efficiency, can be mass production through the machine, the price is relatively low, and some low production efficiency, through manual or semi-manual Production, the price is relatively high.
2, Mailing Bag raw materials
Different raw materials to determine the different prices, raw materials, including plastic particles, additives, etc., some products using the original raw materials, processed products fineness is very good, the price is high, and some raw materials are recycled through the regeneration path, processed out Of the product fineness, and good products have a world of difference, the price is very low, the additive is also true, in fact, raw materials and costs are proportional to the higher the cost of raw materials, the higher the price, the higher the price, and vice versa.
3, Mailing Bag size specifications
In the Mailing Bag transaction is often asked is the specifications, but usually we generally use centimeters to calculate the size, size, including length, width, width of the three benchmark data, the size of the size of the bag to determine the amount of raw materials required for production and printing The size of the area, it is also proportional to the cost of the relationship between the larger the higher the price, and vice versa
4, the thickness of the bag material
Thickness is also a key factor in determining the price of the Mailing Bag, where there is also a plastic industry dedicated unit "silk", a trace equal to 0.01 cm, of course, the same thickness and size, and the price is proportional, but "silk" is a professional unit, often Customers in the consultation process rarely know the use of "silk" to measure the thickness, and the Mailing Bag itself is very thin, the customer can not be measured through a special tool, can only give a rough use, manufacturers can use according to judge Need the thickness of the wire.
5, Mailing Bag printing patterns
Patterns can be expressed as 'monochrome single-sided printing', 'monochrome double-sided printing', 'two-color single-sided printing' 'double color double-sided printing' and printing colors. Monochrome printing need to do a version, two-color printing need to do two versions. And the use of printing ink different prices are different, some patterns need special color or special ink its price is high, which requires manufacturers and customers in the communication in detail, and will not cause future disputes.
6, Mailing Bag custom number
Different style specifications, from the MOQ is different. Some customers will say: you give a newspaper price, I see the price and then determine the number of custom - this will make the bag factory customer service is very difficult. Customer service asked the number of customized there are two reasons, one, order Mailing Bag related to the "MOQ" problem. A thousand bags and ten thousand bags made, the debugging machine wastes almost as much raw material. Orders less than the order from the amount of waste will be very alarming, Mailing Bag pricing will be ridiculously high, you will not accept. Second, the Mailing Bag production manufacturers are generally customized according to user requirements, rather than produce one or several specifications of the product in the library stood, waiting for the wholesale form.