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Standard And Requirements For Custom Pet Food Bag

Aug 30, 2017

Standard and requirements for Custom Pet Food Bag
       Custom Pet Food Bag are for the purpose of protecting the product during the course of food circulation, facilitating storage and transportation, and promoting the sale of containers, materials and auxiliary materials according to certain technical methods. The basic requirement is to have a longer shelf life (shelf life), does not bring secondary pollution, less loss of the original nutrition and flavor, low cost, storage and transportation convenience, safety, can stimulate consumer appetite.
       Today, green food is the mainstream, followed by green packaging is also popular, Custom Pet Food Bag in addition to meet the basic requirements of food packaging, but also should meet the "green food logo design standards manual" requirements, the green food logo for the product Of the inside and outside packaging. Standard graphics, fonts, graphics and fonts of the standard combination, standard color, advertising language and for food packaging of the standard graphics, number specifications, should meet the "manual" stringent requirements. The packaging label must be marked with the name of the food, the ingredient list, the net content and the solids content, the name and address of the manufacturer and distributor, the date stamp and storage guide, the quality (quality) grade, the product standard number and other special markings.
       Customize the pet food bag to exclude part of the oxygen in the packaging container, can promote the microbial life conditions, in order to achieve fresh fruit, no disease ulceration purposes, can effectively prevent food spoilage with barrier (air tightness) excellent and Strict sealing technology and requirements, can effectively prevent the exchange of packaging material content, you can avoid food weight loss, odor, but also to prevent secondary pollution. , To ensure food safety, packaging industry is a major step forward. In fact, not only food, custom pet food bag application range is very wide, used in the processing of clothing items have the same effect, reducing the space occupied by the items, and has a moisture-proof anti-bacterial and other advantages, so that the transport of clothing Is more convenient, greatly reducing the possibility of some of the accidents caused by the loss.
  From the current situation, many people will choose to use Custom Pet Food Bag, the biggest feature is that it can save the place, now, even some family wardrobe, they like to choose Custom Pet Food Bag, of course , Some food processing plants and related places of food will also choose to customize the pet food bags, not only can effectively save the place, but also can look very beautiful.
       In fact, the use of Custom Pet Food Bag is also a protection of the original product, a lot of food processing industry, they choose to use, is able to stop some food decaying footsteps, but once in the food which packaging, then the whole food is equivalent to There is no oxygen in the closed environment, no oxygen, no other gas, food will not contact with the outside and decay, he can save the original food to a longer time, but also to play Moisture and dust, choose to use a custom pet food bag to save food, this is the best way.
     To identify the appearance of the packaging and look, the normal Custom Pet Food Bag should be colorless, transparent and translucent, tasteless, have a certain strength of plastic products, if consumers Through the "see" found that is turbid, colored and uneven distribution; through the "smell" different, strange taste; through the "hands" touch the existing creamy feeling, "hands" tear, easy to stretch and tear, which To prove that most of the use of recycled materials made, should be used with caution.
       Custom Pet Food Bag have a small ID card, it is a triangle symbol, generally in the bottom of the plastic container. Triangles have 1 to 7 numbers, each number represents a plastic container, their production of different materials, the use of taboos are also different. Which need to pay special attention to the preservation of film wrapped in food into the microwave oven, its heat resistance is not strong, will leave some of the body can not break the plastic formulations. Also try to avoid using fast food boxes packed hot food. As long as the above number to select the use of plastic products, it will not happen unnecessary harm.