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The Green Road Of Commodity Bag Is Forming

Jul 28, 2017

The green road of Commodity Bag is forming
 First, with the improvement of living standards, people are increasingly concerned about health and safety, environmental protection, commodity bags have gradually entered the daily life, consumers are very happy to choose green shopping bags, environmentally friendly plastic packaging, including renewable Commodity Bag and new materials. Commodity bag manufacturers in the production process using a new technology, adding the degradation of the masterbatch ingredients, commonly known as biodegradable commodity bags, the kind of environmentally friendly goods bags in line with certain conditions can be self-decomposition.
Second, the innovative production technology and processing technology, to create green goods bags. Recently, at the CHINAPLAS2016 Chinaplas, DuPont launched the optimized Zytel polyamide resin, in addition to excellent mechanical properties and heat resistance and chemical resistance, the material also has excellent damping performance, can improve the engine peripheral components of the noise, Vibration and sound roughness (NVH) performance. Scientists have found that a bacteria can be in 29 degrees Celsius, spend 6 weeks to consume the product bags exhausted. Tests show that this bacterium uses enzymes to decompose PET, producing an intermediate chemical. This chemical is then absorbed by the cells and is further decomposed by the cells in the cell to provide carbon and oxygen for the bacteria to grow. Some experts say that the bacteria can be used to "kill" the increasing number and destruction of the Earth's Commodity Bag and other plastic products.
Third, the state will green and recycling economy to the strategic level, and introduced targeted support and encouragement of policy measures. National Development and Reform Commission for plastic recycling recycling with the Internet + to promote the new model of recycling. The Ministry of Finance issued a "comprehensive utilization of resources products and labor value-added tax preferential directory", the central ecological civilization construction into the second Five-Year Plan. All this shows that the country is trying to support and guide the plastic industry, including commodity bags, including green, environmental protection, intensive direction.
 Commodity bags are particularly common in our market, and many people in the use of goods bags will not pay attention to more time, then, how do we choose to plastic it, this is a lot of people are no longer concerned about the issue, what kind of Commodity bags for our use, what kind of goods bags to better play a role in life? Today and Tongcheng Huasheng Plastic Co., Ltd. Xiaobian to find out about it
Custom Commodity Bag production is very simple, are generally blown, no matter what kind of goods bag is just different material above, the other is still almost the same, and now we are the most common is the supermarket Commodity Bag and vegetable market Vest bags, those Commodity Bag are generally relatively simple, there is no special needs in the color above, just need to choose those who can be better quality, and can play the role of carrying things can, and this is the most simple Of the Commodity Bag.
In addition, many packaging bags of goods is now more common, are generally relatively large, in the quality of the above is better, but also can be reused, which is now many people are very fond of, and some people There will be a collection of these plastic vest bags of love, this is not just a hobby, but also a record of life and collection. These packaging clothes in the production of goods bags above the production of goods is more complex, the use of materials is also better, this product bag is better in color design and design to do more with their own characteristics, but also now Packaging clothes more. In some clothing store applications are more, but also by a lot of people's attention and welcome.