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Use Of Custom Food Bag

Use of Custom Food Bag
Packaging food with Custom Food Bag is commonplace, but people often ignore some of the plastic on the human body such a fact, readily picked up a custom food bag used to install food.
Polyvinyl chloride plastic is a toxic variety; PVC resin is non-toxic, but in the process of making plastic by adding plasticizer dibutyl phthalate or dioctyl phthalate, they are toxic. In addition, some of the plastic products by adding a stabilizer, and these added stabilizer is mainly lead stearate, but also toxic, this lead salt is easy to precipitate, once into the human body will cause accumulation of lead poisoning, so the food When the use of special food bags, must not be used, in the use of the following points should be noted:
1. PVC products and ethanol ether and other solvents will lead to lead, so the use of PVC plastic products containing alcohol-like food is very appropriate.
2. Polyvinyl chloride in case of oil when the lead will be dissolved in food, so it is not suitable for packaging oil-containing food.
3. PVC plastic use temperature is higher than 50 ℃ when there will be HC precipitation slowly, this gas is harmful to human health.
4. Waste plastic recycling products, due to complex sources of raw materials inevitably with toxic ingredients, nor for food packaging.
People daily use of packaged food is without additives of polyethylene, polypropylene plastic products, with them for food bags can be reassuring.
 First, with the improvement of living standards, people are increasingly concerned about health and safety, environmental protection, Custom Food Bag have gradually entered the daily life, consumers are willing to choose green shopping Custom Food Bag, green plastic packaging in general Including Custom Food Bag and new Custom Food Bag. Customized food bag manufacturers in the production process using a new technology, adding a degradation of the composition of the masterbatch, commonly known as biodegradable Custom Food Bag, the kind of environmentally friendly Custom Food Bag in line with certain conditions can be self-decomposition.
Second, the innovative production technology and processing technology, to create green Custom Food Bag. Recently, at the CHINAPLAS2016 Chinaplas, DuPont introduced the optimized Zytel polyamide resin, which also has excellent damping performance in addition to excellent mechanical properties and heat and chemical resistance, which can improve the noise of the engine peripheral components, Vibration and sound roughness (NVH) performance. Scientists have found that a bacteria can be in 29 degrees Celsius, spend 6 weeks time will be customized food bags exhausted. Tests have shown that this bacterium uses enzymes to decompose PET to produce an intermediate chemical. This chemical is then absorbed by the cells and further decomposed by other enzymes in the cell to provide carbon and oxygen for the bacteria to grow. Some experts say that the bacteria can be used to "kill" the increasing number and destruction of the Earth's Custom Food Bag and other plastic products.
Third, the state will green and recycling economy to the strategic level, and introduced targeted support and encouragement of policy measures. National Development and Reform Commission for plastic recycling with the Internet +, to promote the recovery of new models. The Ministry of Finance issued a "comprehensive utilization of resources products and labor value-added tax preferential directory", the central ecological civilization construction into the 12th Five-Year Plan. All this shows that the country is trying to support and guide the plastics industry, including Custom Food Bag, to green, environmental protection, intensive direction.