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We Live In Common Aluminum Foil Bag

Sep 08, 2017

We live in common Aluminum Foil Bag
We all know that there are many places in our lives are used Aluminum Foil Bag, it can be said that this can not be separated from the convenience of health tools, and we come together today to talk about an Aluminum Foil Bag, this Aluminum Foil Bag can be packaged in various food packaging, from the protection of food, extend the shelf life of food, easy to carry and so on. Aluminum Foil Bag are food-specific packaging, because the diversity of food, so the type of Aluminum Foil Bag are also very much. Such as meat, small snacks and so need to use vacuum bags, because these foods in the normal state will be the consequences of corruption, only in a vacuum state will not happen the consequences of deterioration, vacuum is not suitable for microbial growth. Like scattered food, fresh food can be packaged with ordinary bags can not seal, these foods are now used to the shelf life is shorter.
Aluminum Foil Bag design problems are also need to pay attention to the manufacturers, the first is reasonable, the packaging screen can be appropriate exaggeration, but not free to exaggerate the modern food packaging design more and more use of artistic performance of the product characteristics, so that people More intuitive understanding of products, trust products. Followed by aesthetic characteristics, in the people's aesthetic continue to improve to meet people's aesthetic needs to become the main task of packaging design, to be more artistic form of expression, while the designers also through the abstract approach to make the product packaging more artistic , To give people the space to reverie. Finally, targeted, specifically for a certain range of consumer groups in the performance of the bag needs to be highlighted, you can show the local characteristics of the packaging, such as dialects, cultural traditions and so on.
In food packaging, Aluminum Foil Bag and metal cans and frozen food packaging bags, compared with many unique advantages:
① keep the food color, smell, taste, shape. Aluminum Foil Bag thin, in a short period of time to achieve sterilization requirements, as much as possible to save the original food color, smell, taste, shape.
② easy to use. Aluminum Foil Bag can be easily and safely opened. When eating, the food bag together into boiling water heating 5min to open the food, or even without heating can be eaten.
③ easy storage and transportation. Aluminum Foil Bag light, can be stacked storage, the space is small, packaged food, the space occupied by metal cans, can make full use of storage space, saving storage costs.
④ save energy. Aluminum Foil Bag due to thinner, when the bag can quickly reach the bacteria lethal temperature, the energy consumption than the tank to 30 to 40% less.
⑤ easy to sell. Aluminum Foil Bag can be divided according to market needs or assembly of different food, customers can choose to buy, in addition, due to beautifully decorated, but also greatly increased sales.
⑥ save a long time. Aluminum Foil Bag of packaged food, no refrigeration or frozen, shelf life and stability, comparable with the metal cans, easy to sell, but also easy to use the family.
⑦ lower manufacturing costs. The composite film made of Aluminum Foil Bag is lower than the price of metal plate, and its production process and the necessary equipment are very simple, so the price of Aluminum Foil Bag is low.
Aluminum Foil Bag shortcomings:
Aluminum Foil Bag also have their shortcomings, mainly the lack of high-speed filling equipment, to bring some impact on mass production.
 The development of Aluminum Foil Bag packaging equipment tends to be multi-purpose, high efficiency, and more and more attention to fast and cost. The future trend of development is more compact, more flexible, more flexible, flexible. And this trend is very beneficial to save production time and reduce costs, so the food packaging industry is the pursuit of a combination of simple, portable food packaging equipment. In the food packaging machinery automation, computer integrated manufacturing technology will be widely used in advanced food packaging system.
     Aluminum Foil Bag in the custom time to pay attention to the following requirements, in the selection of the above to do a good job of preparation. Because the packaging of the environment has changed, not what kind of material bags can be applied. Now the quality of the air is getting worse, so environmentally friendly packaging bags is now the mainstream. So in the packaging of the material above to choose environmentally friendly, non-polluting material, because environmental protection can be applied in the food packaging. Because the environment, the bag can be used in the market.