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What Is The Difference Between The Bottom And The Bottom Of The Aluminum Foil Bag?

What is the difference between the bottom and the bottom of the Aluminum Foil Bag?

Common Aluminum Foil Bags on the market side of the Aluminum Foil Bags and leather bags at the end of two. Why are there two shapes? What is the difference in the production process? Here for your details.

The side of the Aluminum Foil Bags are common roast duck foil bags, sugar fried chestnut bags, sharp Aluminum Foil Bags are common to grasp the pie bag, pancake bags, where the cake bags, sauce bags and so on. First of all from the material point of view, the tip of the Aluminum Foil Bag is made of coated paper. This paper itself has anti-oil film, the production of Aluminum Foil Bag manufacturers directly produced into a bag, do not need in the film, this Aluminum Foil Bag in the custom size restrictions, the width can not be more than five centimeters. And the end of the liner paper bags are kraft paper or white paper made by artificial film. Aluminum Foil Bags made with this process are not limited in size and can be customized according to customer needs. Of course, in terms of cost, due to the end of the film side of the Aluminum Foil Bags need artificial, working hours and materials costs are higher than the tip of Aluminum Foil Bags, so the cost of a lot higher than the tip of Aluminum Foil Bag. Therefore, in the absence of special requirements on the size, the tip of the Aluminum Foil Bag is the first choice for customers. Common in the market side of the kraft paper bags are do not need oil-resistant ordinary kraft paper bag.

Aluminum Foil Bags can also be called linen paper bags, generally used to refer to the material for the paper and the oil effect of outstanding bags. More use of kraft paper materials, but also the use of white paper materials. Mainly used to hold a variety of fried snacks, such as chicken, pancakes, gong burning and other oily snacks.

Most of the current Aluminum Foil Bags using kraft paper as raw materials, there are a small part of the use of white paper. Ink with edible water-based ink, green health, safe and secure.

With the gradual enhancement of people's environmental awareness, more and more people realize the importance of Aluminum Foil Bags. So, the prospect of Aluminum Foil Bags is very bright. Aluminum Foil Bags instead of plastic bags and other packaging is the trend!

The next few points can help our customers identify Aluminum Foil Bags and sugar fried chestnut bag printing quality is good or bad.

1, just printed Aluminum Foil Bags and samples of paper on a variety of fonts, the color of the pattern with or without color. 2, Aluminum Foil Bag material and sample paper bag material is consistent. 3, the bottom of the location of the ink whether the flow paint, the thickness of the phenomenon is too thick; 4, Aluminum Foil Bags printed with or without ghosting, blurred, pattern location, size is correct. Font color, location, size, the choice of the font is the same. 5, chromatography is close, if the color of the various colors when the gap is large, it affects the overall appearance of the paper bag.