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Whether The Custom Food Bag Are Environmentally Friendly And Different Materials Have Different Effects

Jul 17, 2017

Whether the Custom Food Bag are environmentally friendly and different materials have different effects

So, how about paper bags? Primark fashion chain, such as love to provide customers with a paper bag, but the study found that the paper used three times to equal to the environmental impact of disposable plastic bags, and use thick plastic daily bags you will need to use four times.

Custom Food Bag are usually made in China, where the amount of water and fertilizer they need and the increased cost of transportation due to increased weight will have a greater impact on the environment.

Researchers said: "if all the shopping bag is only used once, the HDPE bag (i.e., thin plastic bags) is undoubtedly the most environmentally friendly choice. Thanks to the lightest weight, its impact on the environment of various minimum." Of course, it is also being criticized for consuming oil, polluting the countryside and polluting the Marine environment on which Marine life depends.

In addition, the researchers found that biodegradable bags made of starch were no more environmentally friendly than traditional HDPE bags because the process of producing biodegradable bags had a significant impact on the environment. Conclusion is that if in terms of the production process of carbon emissions, and a custom packs is much less than the plastic bags of environmental protection, but due to the plastic bag is difficult to degrade, so overall, the use of custom packs just reduced the difficult degradation of material produced, on environmental protection, the credit is far from our thought.

The quality isn't good enough for long

Custom Food Bag are made for white pollution, but in general, customised food bags are not environmentally friendly. In the case of non-woven cloth Custom Food Bag, the main material of non-woven cloth Custom Food Bag is polypropylene, which is relatively easy to degrade and is relatively environmentally friendly. Non-woven custom packs are still belongs to the plastic chemical products, according to the thickness, the size of a same non-woven custom packs more than plastic bags consume resources, its potential crisis is bigger than plastic bags, waste oil resources more than plastic bags.

On the other hand, the residents living garbage is dependent on the plastic bag, shopping before send plastic parts will be free to use on the rubbish, plastic limit to carry out, still need to use plastic bags, garbage either buy special garbage bags, or spend money to buy in the supermarket or mall shopping a plastic shopping bag, after go home when the trash bags. See it that way, because the garbage without plastic bags, even for plastic limit to encourage the use of custom packs, but does not reduce plastic bags in the garbage disposal, white pollution will not be a good governance.

There are also concerns about the quality of Custom Food Bag. Bespoke food bag non-woven material used a few times can also, but in the dress up the weight, often arise out of shape, edge line, omissions in the above oil stains are hard to clean off, also comes from the citizen complaints, "a few bucks to buy a bag, who will guarantee the quality?" Research by non-government led research shows that lead in shopping bags contaminate ground water, while the paint on top can harm food. As a commodity, the quality of Custom Food Bag has not been effectively regulated. Most manufacturers have no identification from the production date, and the quality is difficult to guarantee.

This custom food bag has the characteristics of thick and durable compared with the general thin plastic bags. Because plastic is not easy to degrade, this kind of Custom Food Bag is not afraid of water and oil, easy to clean, can hold water (but can be loaded with fish), with limited conditions. But because of the inconvenience to repair, once the damage can be discarded, the result is as "white pollution" as thin plastic bags.